Sunday, August 21, 2011

Matt is tearing us apart!

I come home from work and turn on the oscillating fan. We have such a close relationship, I named him Matt.
Scott glares at me, says "um, hello. I'm under this blanket not because I'm Superman.."
I glare back.

"Why would you NOT have a fan on? It's 104 right now!"

He looks at the a/c, as if that was possibly enough to quench my summer needs.
We go into this long monotonous debate about how I am hot natured, and he's an anemic little girl....

Me- "I hope you know in the winter, we are NOT turn on the heater"
Scott- "like hell! I pay half the utilities, I pay to be comfortable!"
Me- "well that's fine, you sleep in the living room with the heat!"
Scott- "this is NOT Little House on the Prairie! You shouldn't be able to see your breath!"

Scott- "fine if you want to live in the stone age, then I'm digging you a hole outside, and you can shit in it! No toilet for you, you are banned from that luxury".
Me- *giggles*
Scott- "we're starting now, give me your phone".

He is currently sitting on the front porch trying to "warm up". Like a crocodile basking in the sunlight.

Matt+Lisa =Forever

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