Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vampires and feel good movies

Scott and I were watching Underworld today. Very few vampire movies do I dig, but this one is an all time fav. Here are two conversations that resulted from this:

Me: Since they're filming a 4th movie, who will take the role of the Elder, since the previous elders are dead? Maybe it will be Selene.

Scott: No, it'll be Michael

Me: It can't be Michael, he's half vampire half lycan! You can't be half lycan and rule over vampires!!

Scott: Well, Obama leads the United States and wasn't even born here!!

Me: Touche

...and then discussing why I don't like vampire movies-

Me: It isn't that I don't like vampires, I just don't like blood.

Scott: Its horror! You're not supposed to like it

Me: But I do like horror movies, I just don't like people on fire, blood, or knives.

Scott: Well I like it

Me: How can you like seeing people on fire?

Scott- Because it ain't me!

Me: *Giggles*

Scott: It's like a feel good movie for me.

This is why we're never home at the same time.

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