Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Where I feel sorry for myself in Week 13.

It was a MEH week.

Spider Lily!!!

She lasted less than 3 minutes before she started to cry.

okay, so I stole all 3 of those from Rebecca's Instagram.

My Santa Claus neighbor:

Nature is gross.

I have discovered a website called, it has every episode of many shows, all for free. New shows like Walking Dead, Bones, American Horror Story, True Blood, and The Following, and many old shows like 24, Fringe, Smallville, Full House. Basically my entire Netflix queue. It has tons of movies, too. My only problem is, my daily allowance for internet usage sucks, so after one episode I barely have enough streaming ability to email. I'm looking at YOU, Hughesnet!


This is so something I would do.

Supernatural and Crowley are the

The only tweet I favorited the entire week was regarding The Walking Dead finale :)

The episode was gross, btw.

Slowly catching up on Downton Abbey and Castle.
Season 1 & 2 of Mad Men came in, so eventually I will get to that.
I am hundreds of episodes behind on everything else.

In books I bought The Tenth Justice by Brad Meltzer and The Ark by Boyd Morrison. I need to get to reading more and clear out my Kindle carousal.

My oscillating fan Matt has a new brother, Tyreese:

I received a gift from India!!

This is the "boo hoo woe is me section"
Saturday when I got off work, it was a horrible day, btw, we go to Walmart, which is never a good idea. The Saturday before we went and it was horrible, I had been eyeballing a green swing set that Scott said he was going to buy for me, and now they're all gone. Anyway, this trip I was in the flavored water section, picking out all of the Lemon ones, and this woman comes and puts her cart next to mine, I step back, then she takes her arm and politely pushes my body out of her way so she can get all of the black cherry ones. I go "oh let me just get out of your way", and she goes "I's in a hurry".....I let it go. I tell Scott and his response is, "She better be glad it wasn't me". Whatever.
Finally after an hour my legs were killing me, I had been standing and running around for twelve hours, so I go to wait in the truck. I am walking to the side so I won't be in the way of the cars, and this red minivan comes from behind me, pulls into the spot where I was walking, and I RUN UNTO HER VAN!!!! Instead of "oh I'm sorry I just freaking ran over you, she goes "watch were you're (bad word) going!!" Now I didn't get hurt at all, but my feelings did! That is so much worse. Scott comes out, I tell him, and he goes, "She better be glad that wasn't me!". And then I get told how stupid I was for not laying out in the parking lot, or going after the woman. She kept driving, by the way, she wasn't parking, just shooting across the parking lot sideways. So I have come to the conclusion to never expect concern or pity.

My air conditioning is OUT, but the landlord is on it.

Sunday at work:
"Thank you for calling *hotel*, how can I help you?
Woman: um...yeah, I was thinking about getting a room there?
Me: okay, for when?
Woman: huh?
Me: When would you like to make a reservation?
Woman: for what?
Me: to stay at our hotel?
Me: Alright
Woman:hey do ya'll have a lounge bar?
Me: No ma'am we don't
Woman: well can you recommend a place nicer?
I tell her how no hotel in this city has a open bar.
Woman: she then called me a faggot and hung up.
TWO minutes later:
ME: this is Lisa, how can I help you?
Older woman: yeah, does your hotel have a bar and restaurant?
Me: no ma'am, no place in the city does
She then yells across her trailer what I said, a woman in the background screams, "I told you"
She then asks the price, I tell her, and that that is for one King or two full size.
Woman: what about twins?
Me: no ma'am, we just have one king or two full size beds in each room
Woman: well how late does your lounge stay open?
Me: again ma'am, we do not have a lounge, just a full hot breakfast in the mornings and an evening reception Mon-Thur
Woman screams the information out again
So now I am getting irritated.
Me: okay ma'am would you like to go ahead and book that? It's *rate* per night and check in is a 3
I can't make this up: Woman: BILLY SUE!!! we can't (pronounced c-ain't) check in until 3!!
Billy Sue: oh heeeeeeeeeellllllllll naw!!! Goodbye!!
Me: goodbye.
And I hung up on Cousin Mama.

Sunday morning I get in the shower, and of course I only have 8 minutes top to wash my hair, face, and body so I can leave for work on time. When I get out of the shower, I see I only grabbed one towel out of the closet. There is a towel on top of the clothes basket, and I think, "well I can just grab that to run through my hair so it doesn't drip".
As soon as I grab it I am showered with hair. Scott's facial and head hair from where he had shaved the day before. Why didn't he shake it out into a wastebasket instead of putting with our clothes to be thrown in the washer? Who knows? At least he didn't shed all over the sink. I however, had Scott hair all over my belly and face.
I died.
I looked like a Gingerbread man.

To end the week, I decided after a few years trying to lighten my hair, that I will dye it back brown, and just succumb to whatever happens.
I am not posting a picture, but, FYI, if you put Warm Chestnut Brown on dyed blonde hair, it turns it red.
Goodbye Week 13....

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