Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Week 14 *yawn*

So late Tuesday evening I realize "oh I need to go post my blog", and.....I never started one. It's cool, I can work under pressure.

So....Week 14.


OH!! I did this at work:

I got the dog a bigger blanket to lay on. Cat could care less it isn't hers:

She also doesn't care that this is MY DVD box:

My Twitter friends are awesome:

The more you look at them left to right, right to left, they become the same person:

This made me laugh out loud:

I didn't buy any books, finish any books, watch any movies, or even remotely catch up to any TV shows.

I went to work, came home, complained that I was tired, went to sleep. All the pictures of Lily I stole from my sisters. I did get to see my peeps yesterday, they came to visit me at work.

I didn't watch Wrestlemania, but apparently there was a big upset when The Undertaker had his 21?-0 streak broken. Twitter exploded. Also, I think on the same night, Kentucky got beat in a basketball game.

This is pretty much all I have to offer this week.
I will do better.
*goes back to bed*

And yes I realized that I blurred out TWICE where I work on my Facebook post and forgot the one at the very end. Just ignore that so I don't have to go back in and redo it all.

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