Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 5 of 2014, The Superbowl, and a lot of Tweets

I still see snow outside. *vomit sound*

Picture of the week:

This ^^ is what happens when you switch your vehicle tags, insurance, etc from one state to another. You know, because we just moved here.

I got so excited the first time it snowed, I forgot to tell about my awesometastical Birchbox that I received in the mail!!
I have an eye shadow pallet, shampoo/conditioner, face cream, a serum that I have no clue how to use, and I absolutely dig the words of inspiration cards.

On Thursday, right as my work shift was ending, I was reading "Help for the Haunted". It's told through the eyes of a girl who's parents were responsible for getting rid of spirits, ghosts, demons, etc. I am at the part to where she encounters a demon. I am a little freaked. Then, the phone rings from room 217. I know there is no one in that room because I checked them out that morning. I kept saying "front desk, front desk"...nothing. I double check the computer to make sure I did indeed check them out and they weren't supposed to stay another night. Nothing, all the paperwork was correct. (Because that's how I roll, yo) I know that every employee has left for the day aside from myself and the General Manager. I go tell her what happened and that I was going to check the room.
Oh y'all. I am a scaredy cat. But I went up there, with the demon story fresh in my mind. I knock on the door, go in. Nothing. I check the bathroom, and even tee tee'd a little when I had to open the closet door. There was no one in the room. I glance at the phone and see it's on the hook. I go back down, tell her no one was in there, and sit back down. Then it rings again. I die. She answers it, and no one is there. Then it rings again.
Finally I call our telephone people and alert them there is either a ghost demon in the room or the phone system is screwy. They put in a work order. Then my Knight arrives. I tell Scott everything, he goes up there, and not 2 minutes later he said it was fixed. DEMON SLAYER!!!! Or...the speaker button was stuck on the phone.
My hero.

Ooh!! Another thing I forgot that happened last week, again on the snow Friday. I was trolling the Twitter, and I see where Little Texas posted:

So then I post:

And then they favorited it:

And then replied:

So I did!! You can only get it by clicking here.
I saved it to my laptop then transferred it to my iPod.
I seriously love this band, y'all.

I was so sad and heartbroken to hear of the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman. I fell in love with his work when he was Dusty in "Twister". I make it a point to watch
anything he is in, because I know he will be brilliant.
Even that God-awful movie "Magnolia".

These are the Tweets that I Favorited this week:

There were many more that I tried to favorite, but my UberSocial app works when it feel like it.

So the Super Bowl happened. Meh. Commercials....meh.

What entertained me? My Twitter timeline. If you didn't watch the game these may be less than funny or make sense, but it entertained me. My Twitter peeps are awesome.
Right before it started we were so into an episode of Mythbusters, I didn't even notice the cat:

So when Joe Namath came out to flip the coin, my timeline went nuts. These were all in a row:

I see friends posting Facebook pics of their Super Bowl parties, so I send one:
At my place:

Then I get:

So not much until the halftime show:

The absolute best part of the night? My Diet Mtn Dew had slushy ice in it:

Callie was more than needy for attention, and I was being selfish by watching TV and Tweeting and not using both hands instead of one to pet her.
She pouts:

The rest are mostly about commercials and people making fun of Peyton Manning. I was okay with that:

There were hundreds of Tweets that made me giggle, but I got tired of copy/pasting them all. Lazy.

After the Superbowl I go to bed (before Sherlock, I might add). I wake up at 1:40am and I am so hot and can't breathe. In my sleepy brain, this made sense. I got up and covered the two floor vents because it was like a sauna, but I didn't turn off the heat "in case Scott got cold".

It made sense then....
So on my way back to the bed, I am feeling my way around, left side of the body to the bed, right side towards the entertainment center. I have my hand on the bed. Next thing I know I am falling towards the entertainment center, and my hip hits the center part where the tv goes, but when I hit the floor my body is facing the opposite direction.
Why am I always spinning around when I fall? (Refer to The night Matt tried to kill me)
So Scott jumps up because he can hear what sounds only like a rhinoceros giving birth and hitting the ground, he turns on the light and asks am I okay. I tell him I am fine and to turn off the light. I was embarrassed, I am always falling!! He offered to help, and looking back now I was mean to him, but when I am not awake, my brain is just dead.
I did apologize and thank him the following morning. I get in bed and that's when the pain hits. I am skint (is that a word?) up and my hip hurts slightly. I cry. Silently.
When I woke up Monday morning, it was more than slightly aching. It feels like my hip is trying to disconnect from my body.
I...could be dead.
I will spare you pictures of the bruises.

More Lily pics!!

So these are really a thing?

So I will end the week with another weird work story-
Me: answers the phone, "This is Lisa, how can I help you?"
Woman: "yeah, I need to reserve, 5, maybe 6 rooms in June"
Me: "alright" (we talk about dates and what time of room she needs)
Me: "okay the rates for those night are.." (I tell her)
Woman: "no, I need yo bereavement rate, we comin' in for a funeral"
Me: In June?

Is she planning a murder?
The reservation did not get made.

So there you go.

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LittleMissSunshine said...

I believe it's "skinned up"... maybe... Actually I think it's just a redneck phrase that probably has no real spelling.