Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 6, 2014. We could be dead.

This should be called "The week we almost died". Scott started getting sick Wednesday after dinner. We we woke up Thursday morning, he was still vomiting and running a high fever. He stayed home from work, and my plan was to go to work and stay until someone came in to relieve me, but no one was available until 2pm (thank you KRYSTIN!!) The reason I was so worried? Refer to It was the worst of times blog. The symptoms were just the same. This time we had more knowledge as to what to look for, but I was still nervous. When I got home, he was the same, he kept hydrated with water, but as soon as it would hit his stomach it would come right back up. I couldn't sleep all Thursday night because I was worrying myself sick. LITERALLY. Friday morning, I still had not been to sleep, but I saw that he again wasn't going to work. I felt 98% at the time, Bailey and I went into town and got stuff for him to eat, drink, and medicine. I felt a little poopy in the store, my throat started to hurt and I had a headache. I bought popsicles. My favorite for a sore throat. We got home, had a Criminal Minds marathon, but by 7pm I knew I was sick.
Friday morning at 5:20am (ten minutes before my alarm) the wonderful Krystin texted (on her off day!!!) if she needed to go in for me. I could have squeezed her to death, I felt like absolute death. I think she knew that I would have never asked anyone to work for me and/or tried to keep me home so I didn't infect the entire hotel.
Sunday, Scott and I both went to work. We are still snotty, but we will live.

So this is actually a thing:
Billy Ray Cyrus' Hip Hop Version of Achy Breaky Heart

Books I finished:
Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4)Inferno by Dan Brown

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I began reading this book on January 15, 2013. It took 382 days for me to finish it. Around 80%, it started to get enjoyable. It didn't last very long. I dig Dan Brown, I do, but this was very uninteresting. It would help if maybe I were familiar with the area some of the sites he was at. I could not get a visual, so when he goes on and on about a painting or a sculpture I have never heard of, I was like "meh".
So....read it if you're a fan just to say you have.

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Help for the HauntedHelp for the Haunted by John Searles

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was going to give it 4 stars, because right at the end I had an issue with a character, but it just seemed wrong. I am not a book critic. I definitely recommend it. On a helpful note, if you are reading this at work, right at the point where Sylvie encounters a "demon", and a ghost calls you from a room that is unoccupied, you're going to get freaked out and cry when you go in the room to investigate.

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Books I started reading:
Patricia Cornwell- Dust
Beth Moore- Believing God
This makes 21 books on my Kindle carousel that I am reading. 2 books I have read already (Matthew Reilly's Seven Ancient Wonders and Gertrude Chandler Warner's Blue Bay Mystery) and I also have the Bible app on there for my Daily Reading. I have 23 books that I bought via free Kindle app that are awaiting my eyeballs.

So it snowed again today.

I think I threw up a little:

You gotta love Steven...
Regarding his comment, if it's too small to see, there were a pair of CAT work gloves in the basket.

We put up a Mardi Gras tree at work. It's leaning a little...it's had a few drinks already.

I didn't get to take any Lily pics, I am trying to steer clear of everyone. I am keeping my germ at my herm.
But, Rebecca took some :)

4 months old this week!!

I started watching Scandal. I am still on the first disc, but I think I will like it.
I finished season 3 of Sherlock. Gasp.
I am seriously slacking on Downton Abby.
Criminal Minds was awesome this week.

All of my Favorited Tweets this week:

Read this blog by Everyday Trish: 3 Reasons I Will Never Watch the Biggest Loser Again
She's pretty much awesome.

Let us just take a moment to glorify all that is a Dairy Queen chili dog. I am very particular when it comes to chili dogs, I either love or hate them. These are perfect. They don't jip ** cheat you with cheese, the processed weiners are cooked perfectly, and the chili does not have beans. Also, I am hungry right now, and I found this picture on my phone, and said "oh!! A Chili Dog Tribute!!"

**On an related note, I have always used the word "jip". My spellchecker said it was misspelled, so I Googled it, and it turns out it's a slightly derogatory term referring to Gypsies. My sincerest apologies to all of the Gypsies that are reading my blog right now.

BREAKING NEWS!! As I am adding the last picture and about to post, Scott comes through and says "I have to turn on the heat", I said "why I just turned it off!!" and he goes, "I have to poop!!"
Married life.

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