Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June..part two

Saturday the 15th-
Nice off day. Went to see Man of Steel. I liked it. Scott was devastated that Michael Shannon never said "Kneel before Zod". He wore his Zod shirt and everything.
When I got home I watched The Dark Knight Rises and Thor. I am all super heroed out.

No matter what happens in this day, I know we are having bacon sandwiches for dinner. Nothing can top that.
Happy Father's Day to everyone with daddies.

Went to a wake tonight. A good friend lost her sister.
Not much happy today.
However, I just watched my neighbor burn her husband's stuff in their yard.
I smile.

I don't care what they say about you Slash, baby, you'll always be my boo.

Pizza Hut gave me a medium pizza for free.
Everything else is irrelevant.

I cooked. Sausage Pasta


I am sad James Gandolfini died. Anyone with Gandalf in their name is cool in my book.


Today was a nice off day. I cleaned half of the house, and began my journey with the show Heroes. Granted I didn't finish the first episode, but I WILL!! Scott and I watched The Avengers, again, and ate Alfredo Chicken & Broccoli for dinner.

I don't like to yell at the little dog, but this is the third night she screams like a woman when we won't let her in the bed with us. I either have to scream at her to shut up, or put her in the microwave.

Ancient RevengeAncient Revenge by J.F. Lourens

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I quit reading 33 chapters into it. I am very open minded, but to say that Mary Magdalene, not Jesus, performed miracles, and that Jesus survived the crucifixion and Mary Magdalene brought Him back to life is ridiculous and insulting.

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This is how I feel today:

I have zero get up and go. I had to call my mother to help me move the couch, because clearly the hidabed in this things weighs 100 pounds. I tried and tried to tip this thing, but no go. Couch moved, swept under, mopped, moved back. And that was just about all I had in me. I fell asleep watching Lord of the Rings and woke up in time to order dinner from Chili's.
I think the plans I had to mow the grass is gone with the wind.

Today is a very eventful day. It is:
Rebecca and Steven's 5ish year anniversary.
It would have been my parents 36ish year anniversary.
The first day of summer. Boo.
I saw on Facebook several birthdays and anniversaries today.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is Little Texas' guitarist Porter Howell's birthday.

Clicking here will help you understand my obsession.

Work, groceries, Indiana Jones, grilled burgers and hot dogs, indigestion, sleep.

Saw this outside of work:

It's hard to tell because I took it through my dirty windshield and her dirty glass wall, but these were the longest earrings I have ever seen personally in my life:

So Lisa, what's the creepiest thing you saw today?

We got a new couch today, and did NOT kill each other trying to get the old couch out. Yay. When Callie came inside, she always runs at full force to the kitchen. She ran, while looking terrified at the couch. I wish I could have gotten her face on camera.
Kind of like this:

Chest and arm pain all day and night.
I lived.

This was the note I received when I gave the housekeeper her assignment for the day:


Even though we KNOW better, we went to the Sonic by the University. Scott began to order, a cheeseburger with mayo, she asked did he want mayo, ketchup, or mustard..he went "um, Mayo?" she gave him his total and hung up. He calls her back.."I wasn't finished ordering", she goes "what?" he said, "I wasn't finished ordering?"..there was confusion. Finally she got it and said he could order, but it would be on two separate tickets. Whatever. He ordered. The poor guy had to come twice with our order. Everything was correct though, and Scott got the pretzel dog, which was surprisingly good.

It's 1pm and I have accomplished nothing besides eating half a tub of hummus, cleaning off the bar, a load of laundry, and watching the first episode of "Under the Dome".
Oh and I spilled an entire glass of Kool Aid. #winner

So we went to eat dinner, hit up the Dollar Tree, then on to the Walmart. This is the only place where we can find the sugarless chocolate milk I <3. Scott was two aisles over, I go to get the milk, which they rarely have, and alas! , there is one carton left. On the back of the shelf. That I can't reach. Even when I stand on the freezer. So I am standing there looking like a lost puppy, when this Shaq-like man comes to get milk. He is right in front of me, getting milk from the same shelf. I said "sir, I can't reach it, could you please hand me that milk right there?" He said.....no. And walked away.
my face^^^

I just stood there for a second, poked my lip out, and went to find Scott.


We spent 9 hours watching Heroes. I didn't even walk outside today.
Scott cooked all 3 meals, and then cut up half of a watermelon. I do believe I ate half of a watermelon:

Last day of the month. I feel like I should do something extravagant to top off this glorious month.
Meh. I'm tired.
Instead, enjoy this picture of my beautiful cousin Hunter and Shaq:

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