Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 11689 days old...

So I turned 32. I am happy to be alive, and I had a wonderful day. But I am not a fan of aging. I don't like the fact my body aches when it rains and I had to buy age defying makeup because the wrinkles are starting to show when I smile.

I will be here at my mother's until Christmas, then my husband will come, I will go back with him, and then we will move here permanently in March. I had free range to the debit card for my birthday :) But I used my bday money for most of it ;)

Olive Garden was the bombdiggity!! I stuffed myself so that an hour later I was still in shock. Gluttony is a sin you know....

We shopped til my Converses gave out. So much stuff was bought in fact, the Tahoe was crammed in the 2 back seats, and I had to put junk in my lap on the way home.

Awesome night. Awesome family.

I feel old.

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