Friday, November 12, 2010

The Art of Racing in the Rain

I have this habit, that when I find something new that I like, I have to shout it to the world and insist every one else do it. Like Facebook. Stumble Upon. The Big Bang Theory.

Tonight I finished possibly one of the best books ever written. Now I absolutely insist you read it.

I was waiting for my husband (to pee) before we checked out one day, and I always end up in the books. This book was sitting there, and I don't even remember why I picked it up. I am not a dog person. Every one KNOWS that I am the crazy cat lady. I read the back, went "hmm", and put it back.
As soon as I got home, I kept thinking about it, so I looked it up on Amazon, and it was half price, so I bought it.
You don't have to be a dog lover to thoroughly bawl your eyes out.
It will make you laugh, cry, and rip out your heart. It isn't one that's "so" sad that it becomes unspeakable (like how the movie 'Remember Me' is to my sister), but it is enjoyable from beginning to end.

It is told through the eyes of a dog, Enzo, and his life with his owner, Denny, a professional race car driver. You learn in the first few sentences that the dog will die soon, so I'm not giving anything away, but how it comes to be will be quite a journey.

I have read hundreds of books, and I have teared up, maybe even let a tear fall, but this made me literally sob. There was snot involved. It wasn't that it was SO sad, but you were happy for him also.

I want to read it again. :)

Here is an excerpt that I love..

“In Mongolia, when a dog dies, he is buried high in the hills so people cannot walk on his grave. The dog's master whispers into the dog's ear his wishes that the dog will return as a man in his next life. Then his tail is cut off and put beneath his head, and a piece of meat or fat is placed in his mouth to sustain his soul on its journey; before he is reincarnated, the dog's soul is freed to travel the land, to run across the high desert plains for as long as it would like.

I learned that from a program on the National Geographic channel, so I believe it is true. Not all dogs return as men, they say; only those who are ready.

I am ready.”

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