Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week 9. Weather be trippin'.

The weather this week was messed up. It was so warm one day we had the A/C at work on 68, and our home A/C on 65. Fans were turned on, shorts were brought out. We go to bed. WE WAKE UP TO SLEET!!!!!

So my question do you poop a crocodile?
Snake eats crocodile by swallowing it whole

Way to rip out my soul, trash tv!!
Troubled boy brings man to tears

I felt really ancient today. My coworker (19, 20 years old?) saw me put a Netflix DVD in the outgoing mail, and she asked what it was, I tell her, and she goes, "They have DVD's? How do you get those?". I'm like whaaaa? She only thought you could stream. Then I tell her how we can't stream, YouTube, or even Vine at my house, because the only internet that is available where we live only gives us 2G a day, and just a thirty minute episode would wipe us out.

I started watching "Mad Men". After six episodes, I think I am going to like it. They need to stop smoking so much, it is hard to breathe when you watch! They smoke in elevators!! The gynecologist lit up while examining her hoo hoo!!!
I also started watching "24". We watched the first disc, so I go online to see if there are in fact 24 episodes in a season. I accidentally read what happens on the Season One finale. I died. least it's dead

Hello beautiful....

My extremely handsome cousin, Hayden:

How work is some days...

My fav-o-rite tweets of the week:

Okay one was a Facebook post, but whatever, I am lazy.

The absolute best accidental typo I have found in the history of my working at a hotel:

I laughed too long and hard at this:

Lily has no time to eat cereal out of a spoon when her hand is so much better:


Well maybe....


We have had two goodbye parties recently, one tonight was a special guest that has been with us a long time. We snuck a surprise party in for him:

And then there is Kayla. Bosslady. Friend. Gone. Just...gone. I wrote her a "Goodbye Kayla, good riddance" note at work, so the day she left, she tweets:

Now I have to find a replacement friend.

I leave you this week with Callie, whom I suspect wants something:

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