Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013. AKA, The Walking Dead and sleep blog.

Here goes March!

March 1-
I ordered a 3 piece chicken STRIP from Sam's. I didn't realize it would be a whole chicken..

March 2-
Hung out at home til 3 or so. Watched the first episode of The Following. WOW. I expected nothing less than amazing from Kevin Williamson. I will catch up on the rest of the episodes tomorrow.
Went to Jason's, hung out with the fam. Ate way too much.
Went to Walmart. Here is how it went down-
This woman behind me in the checkout line stood so close, she kept bumping into me, and I swear I could feel her breath on my body. I move to the side of my cart, and then she just kinda took over it.

On the way out, I see this:

Pants are clearly optional.
Catching up on the NASCAR race.
I dare say it was cold this morning. Scott turned on the oven and the windows fogged up:

March 2-


Going through old pics today:
Check out my room-

Check out my hair!!

Rebecca, always the camera hog-

March 3-
Scott and I ate dinner at El Nopal..this is his face after trying all of the hot sauce on the table:

March 4-
This made me giggle:
It was captioned "Have you ever been SO excited that you ate an invisible bowl of cereal?"

March 5-
I discovered a few weeks back the movie "Spirit". It's about horses. That die.
I was freaking out screaming "WHY IS THIS FOR CHILDREN!?!", as the 3 children in the room mock me saying "It's only a movie!!"
In Walmart this evening, it's the movie they chose to pic to play in the Electronics section. Again, I am like "WHYYYY!! There are kids here, they can SEE!!!"

March 6-
Off day. I slept past 10am. I never can lay there that long. It was nice. I had my own personal concert listening to Mumford and Sons on the iPod. My arms are sore from so much air guitar and drums.

March 7-
I watched Breaking Dawn part 2 tonight. The movies have always been kinda MEH. I was told they stuck to the book, so I went in feeling pretty good about it. Then the ending happened. I shouted obscenities at the tv. Yeah...way to play with my emotions.

How my evening went...

March 8-
Had a wonderful off day. Caught up on Grimm and Bones. Ate dinner at Trail Boss. Bought groceries at Brookshires.
What a very domestic day I had.

March 9-
I don't like to talk about work on here, but a man made me cry at work. Apparently, I am emotionally retarded, because crying is the only way to show emotion. Anger, sadness, happiness...yeah. I tried to argue the other day at home, and I started bawling. I wasn't sad. I was angry. Stupid brain.
He was just a buttwad. I was told not to worry about it, but he had a problem, and needed someone to yell at. I see why weapons are discouraged in the workplace.

March 10-
I can't remember a thing I did on this day besides work. I vaguely remember watching some of The Bible on the History channel.
Hello Jack....

March 11-
I made lunch.
Avocado Egg Salad
Scott made tacos for dinner.

Not much besides laying around complaining about Daylight Savings Time.

March 12-
Wow, this has been a doozy of a day!! I went from going to make this thought out complicated dinner to "hey, let's have hot dogs". AND ERMAHGERD!!!! EAT THESE!!!

Sonic has been 2 for 2 in getting my drink order right. And it tasted delish.
Tuesday night is the night we catch up on all of our shows we DVR. Except Smallville, I save those for my off days. Tonight will be "The Following", and if you're not watching this show, you need to Hulu it. You kinda have to watch from the beginning. Like "LOST".

March 13-
When you think life can't get any better, you run across a picture of Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Mumford and Sons:

March 14-
Tried my first falafal today. NOM!!

March 15-
Bailey and I went to El Nopal for lunch. Of all the places they could have seated us, we got the table that no matter WHERE other people sit, they can stare into your soul. . Right underneath the tv. El-awkward-o.

However, lunch was delicious!!!

I tried to go back to sleep this morning, and Scott left his closet door cracked, and I could NOT go back to sleep because whatever was in the closet was for sure eyeballing me.

March 16-
I did nothing on this off day but watch Lord of the Rings, NASCAR, and sit in my chair.

March 17-
At work. So far a slow, quiet Sunday. I wore my green work shirt in honor of St Patty's Day, because if anyone were to just slightly pinch me I would be out like a fainting goat.
On a related note, I am walking across the living room, and this happened:

Hello Jack!!

Sundays at work are always good. #raceday

March 18-
Surprisingly, a good work day. Mondays are usually very hectic and I cry and tee tee a little.
Super lazy for dinner.
Besides stuffing my face and lying in bed with the iPod, not much else happened.

March 19-
I am going to be productive today!! (7:09am)
It passed. (7:51am)
I discovered the panoramic option on my phone. I suppose I could have picked a more enticing subject for my first capture.

March 20-
First day of spring.

I am being super productive today. I love my off days. I can't even begin to describe the love for my off days.
I cleaned the spare/laundry room up.

I deep cleaned the living room and kitchen. I am making decent progress on the bedroom.
Bathroom, meh. It's too small to really count as a project completed.
Got dinner in the oven, cleared out some DVR space. Really, Grey's Anatomy? Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital? Way to rip out my soul of emotions.
I am super excited, tomorrow I am going to buy The Hobbit. I hope it doesn't toy with my emotions. Lord of the Rings is sacred in these here parts. And by that I mean I am the only one, aside from my sister, that enjoys it.

I was having a pretty good day. Ate dinner, was watching tv, and then I got the most horrible pain in my chest. It felt like when you have a pulled muscle. I would be folding clothes or dusting, and it would hit. It took my breath and I cried a little. Go to the doctor you say? *exasperated sigh*
I just laid down instead.
But during all of this nonsense, my vacuum cleaner died. I was vacuuming the bedroom and it made a horrible loud noise and dust went everywhere. Ev-ery-where.
Scott did a quick exam and determined the cause of death was a blown motor.

And DUDE!!! I finished season 6 of Bones. WOW. I ordered season 7 immediately. I can't believe I have watched six seasons waiting for them to hook up, they finally do and it shows nothing. Just a mention the following day "oh, we slept together". WHAT!! Not to sound like a perv, but I need details!! Then, casually in the next episode, "I am pregnant". WHAT!! Are you sure!! Because all I saw was a hug.

March 21-
Today I worked a 12-8 shift which I like occasionally because I get to sleep in and still get paid. Like a baller.
When Scott got off work at 3 he went to get dinner. I had a hankering for grilled fish. He brings it to me, I am picking at it, then put it in the kitchen on top of the oven, which is right inside the door. The front desk was getting busy, so I helped her get them all checked in, when I walk back into the lobby area, I saw a guy standing in the doorway of the kitchen and is PICKING AT MY FOOD!!! I said "DUDE!", and he said "this is really good", I said "YEAH IT'S MINE". He said "my bad, my bad". WHAT THE HELL!! How many people do you know would be in a hotel lobby and just start eating out of someone's plate!!! I have never seen this man before in my life!

How I felt^^^^

March 22-
Today I am catching up on all of my reading, and all the stuff I have on DVR. I am getting close to finishing my "read the Bible in a year". I might mention I started in April of 2010.

I finished season one of Grimm. His mama is alive, yo!
Went to El Nopal for dinner and bought groceries. As you may tell, there are only 3 or 4 restaurants we actually go to.
Tonight Scott is grilling burgers and hot dogs, and we are going to watch The Hobbit. He probably isn't aware of that.

Ermagherd! Free food!! Best boss lady ever!!!!

After I left work we went by Dollar General, frankly, because I cannot get enough of that store, got some drinks at Sonic, THAT WERE ACTUALLY CORRECT!! A WOOT!!, and get the text, "Hey, sushi tonight?" Yeah, all of our plans on grilling out were abandoned.
Now...I haven't been a member of the sushi eating club for that long, it is all relatively new to me. So, when I am at a sushi bar I have to TRY ALL THE THINGS!!!

I gorged myself. I was full in the restaurant, but the longer the evening went, it started to hurt worse. Even my side hurt. Gluttony at it finest. I just wanted to get back in the truck and lay down. As soon as we got home I stripped down, got straight into bed.
I'm a hog.

March 24-

I have never disliked a dog more. Callie has always been a wonderful dog. Aside from never giving you a moments peace when you are trying to sit down, and chasing cars, I have never really had a problem with her. She has always let us know when she needed out to potty. Even when Scott was in ICU and I was gone 14, 15 hours at a time, she never went in the house. In the past 2 months she has used it in our laundry room 3 times. I don't know if she is getting sick or what. Scott says it's because I switch up the food she eats. I know one day I went to work at 6:30 and got home at 4, so she was in there all day and had used it, but yesterday we were only gone 3 hours max, and she had been out most of the day. She hadn't eaten close to the time we left either. I can't leave her out during the day when I'm at work because she barks at the neighbor kids when they get on/off the bus, and me and the neighbor have already had a go round about that. If they would stay out of our yard she wouldn't bark.
Saying all that, I heard her barking at 12:30am, she was jumping at the door so I let her out, thinking she had to go. At 1:30am, I hear her barking like crazy, worrying she'd wake up the neighbors I let her back in. 3am, she's barking but it was the "someone's outside" bark and not the "I gotta go" bark. I didn't even care if we were being robbed, I just went back to to sleep. 5am she's barking again. I let her out, presumably for the day, but oh no, at 5:30am she wanted back in. When I got up at 6 I left her out.
It's funny how I am the only one that hears her bark...I am looking at YOU SCOTT!!!

Notice the dark sleep deprived circles under my eyes. Woe is me.

On the way to my gluttonous dinner yesterday, we saw 4 wild horses on the road. They were so beautiful!! I tried to get a pic of them all, but it was hard getting my zoom right in a moving vehicle.

Work has went well, most everyone has checked out. I got to see my friend Clay and his family.
His newborn smiled and cooed when I held her. We are all concerned. None of his kids have ever liked me.


He's all mine ladies. Retract the claws.

Oh! A few weeks ago I was at Jason's, and since he is a loser frugal and refuses to get cable, he and his fiancee have a box of movies they watch. Being the BFF I am, I am digging through their box and find Kate and Leopold. One of the few chick flicks that is acceptable to watch. Plus it has Wolverine and Sabretooth in it. And Breckin Meyer. Who doesn't love Breckin Meyer?
Anyway, I borrow the movie, put it in the bedroom to make sure Scott has to suffer through it. Weeks later, (yeah I forgot to return it) I am cleaning out my entertainment center in the living room and what do I find?

That's right. I have owned it for who knows how long. Still in the wrapper.
I fail.
And I returned Brandy her copy.

We have had "The Bourne Legacy" from Netflix going on a month now. I LOVE The Bourne movies and I love Jeremy Renner equally, so I thought, "How can they go wrong?"

Un-thrilled would be the word. I found it hard to follow, anti climatic, and Rachel Weisz, a chick I LOVE, her acting skills reminded me as if someone had a gun to her head and she was forced to read off a cue card.

Scott grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. They were nom.

Not to sound totally rednecky by saying I LOVE NASCAR, the race today was super exciting. I know, they drive in a circle, but it was INTENSE!! Fighting, cussin', and people leaving on stretchers!! Twitter wars!!!

Dinner plans consisted of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and bacon sandwiches. You wish you had my life.
Rebecca and I have an ongoing joke about one of the people she follows on YouTube, she and her husband had 4 pieces of bacon leftover and they were wondering what they could use it for. We were like "what is this madness!! LEFTOVER BACON!! How can there be such a thing? Who can't shove down 4 pieces of bacon?
I hang my head..

I got in the bed at 8:30pm, put in "Flushed Away", and was asleep before Roddy even got flushed.

March 26-

It's freezing this morning

I enjoyed my leftover bacon for breakfast and downed a bottle of water and a PowerAde within 10 minutes of being at work.

I said I was going to make it all day with no carbonated drinks, and it lasted until lunch when Scott brought me a Diet Mtn Dew. I couldn't let it go to waste....

Dinner was good, I cooked this:
Frito Pie Bake

Plenty of leftovers to enjoy for lunch tomorrow.

Let's get something straight. I am a very emotional person, but I tend to keep it all inside. But when freaking DARYL DIXON cries on The Walking Dead, I cry.
Enough said.

I had enough emotional strain for on evening, and went to bed.

March 27-

I swear I am going to put a bark collar on that dog....I got up 4 times to let her out just in case she had to go to the bathroom. No. She wanted out to bark at things. Trees. Grass. All the food she has buried in pine straw.
I am so exhausted.

I am convinced without a doubt that one of my neighbors doesn't own a pair of pants.

I went and hung out with the fam for a bit.
Scott got home from work, we ate dinner and watched The Middle. Which I love. Still.
We both feel horrible, so we went to bed at 8:30


Well I guess that's in reverse...

March 28-

I woke up this morning convinced I was going to die. To say I felt horrible is an understatement. NOT TO MENTION I was out of Diet Mtn Dew. No problem...people live like this every day. Around 10 I drank two cups of coffee.
Turns out I was not dying, but just allergies and caffeine deprivation.
Around lunch time I felt 100 times better.

Mon-Thur Domino's has a 3 topping large pizza for $8 so that was dinner. I ordered online at 3:19, it said 8-13 minutes.
Apparently EVERYONE wanted cheap pizza because we sat in our truck in line until after 4. But it was fresh, warm, and delicious so I am not complaining.
I did get a shot of this patriot while in line:

Do you love how his Gun Rights sticker is held on with Scotch tape?

I went to see the fam and hang out. Serenity, who is 5, 6? I don't know, first gradeish, was singing in the front yard. She kept asking me did I like her songs, I said yes, she kept singing. Then she asks, "Do you want to hear my new song?" I said "sure!!" she replies "It will cost you $1" I said "I don't have any cash!" She said "PURSE?!?" I told her I didn't bring my purse. She rolls her eyes, thinks long and hard and says "Well I guess I can sing it anyway".

To the much joy of my coworkers, I washed my shoes:

We were in bed and asleep by 10pm.


March 29-


How I have missed thee!!! Or course I am spending it my sitting here staring at the beautiful day outside, but I have so much inspiration to get things done.
*opens Diet Mtn Dew*
*turns on Grimm*

2 hours later....
I did the dishes.
Sits back down....

My face when I checked the mail:

Why, you ask?

March 30-
Had a nice off day. Lounged around, read, teared up watching Cheaper By the Dozen 2, like I always do.
Scott made a fantastic dinner:

So this is happening on my porch:

Not my animals..

Went to New Life Church this evening for their Easter Drama. It was phenomenal.

Then grocery shopping...
Why? Who needs these?!?

March 31-
This was my work day:

Horrible storm, power went out.

Came home, slothed around, read, watched the season finale of The Walking Dead. Andrea finally got eaten. SO happy.

So that was the month of March.
Calm yourself.

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