Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 6 & 7 of 2012

February 10, 2012

From February 5th until yesterday, it has only said "Worked, ate dinner, slept". Absolutely nothing noteworthy has happened. I've worked every day, mostly 7-3, today I will work 3-11.
Maybe something spectacular will happen at the grocery store or on my shift that I can add to this very mundane week.

February 12, 2012
7 days have passed, and still nothing to report. I have worked either 7-3 or 3-11. I sleep, I eat. Bailey stayed the night with me Friday and Saturday. I am working 3-11 today, and will return 7-3 tomorrow, for 5 more days.

I finished "The Inner Circle". I liked it. Typical Brad Meltzer. I began "The Hunger Games" last night.
Whitney Houston passed away last night, so I am to assume the Grammy's tonight will be a tribute to her.

I had just texted Scott, "I DO NOT give her every thing that she wants!"

I feel like it's a trap...

I have awesome friends that being me snacks.

I can't say I married him for his booty.

Fun times at my house.

Dancing Harry Potter style

February 13, 2012
Scott cheated today. I said NO Valentine's Day gifts. He brought it to work the day before. I was burned on a technicality.

February 16, 2012

What a wretched day! I woke up in a particularity foul mood, the dog nearly ripped off my baby toenail, then I get in the truck, and it will not crank. I am talking 10 minutes out there and nothing. This makes me even angrier since it can easily be remedied by replacing the starter. My Blackberry battery is of course, dead. My backup ride has already left. While I am stomping into the house to call my mother and to call work to say I will be late, Scott turns the key and it cranks.


After being completely rude to my husband, I get to work.
How my shift begins:

8 hours later:

As if the day couldn't get any worse, the main server that controls the entire *huge worldwide chain of hotels* went out. Our computers were like massive paperweights. We were sitting ducks. Imagine all the registers at every Walmart going out at the same time. You could shop, but not check out.

So anyway, I am home now. I have had some Doritos. I have had a grilled cheese. I even had a Hershey Kiss or two. Life should be restored soon.

ONE more day and I will FINALLY have a day off!!!!

February 17, 2012

Okay people. When my shift ends today, I am determined to do something blog-worthy!! My plan is to clean house and rake the yard. LIKE A BOSS.

I like to photograph my coworkers and bosses in awkward situations.

February 18, 2012
Well nothing really blog worthy. Bailey and I went to eat at El Nopal, went to Walmart, then the grocery store. Came home and watched movies and listened to her do NASCAR commentary. "Left, left, oh look, left..."

I blogged..
Geographically challenged

So that pretty much sums up this past 2 weeks. I have enjoyed this off day, it feels good to be able to be lazy. I did find my loveseat under a mound of clothes...

I forgot how ghastly it was.

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