Saturday, February 18, 2012

Geographically challenged

It is really no secret that I don't know ANYTHING about geography. I honestly don't know anyone with a diploma that is worse than I am on this subject.
Scott and I were looking at this pic earlier, and we were naming the countries:

I was giggling at India, and he pointed towards "The Wastelands" and mentioned Russia.

ME: That is not Russia.
SCOTT: Yes it is.
ME: Russia is on top of Canada.

It is right there near Asia.
ME: Dude, Russia is nowhere near Asia. I swear.

*Google World Map*


In my Lisa-brain, Russia is cold. Canada is cold. It made sense.
I studied this map and was amazed that Russia is cold, and it touches China, and that touches the Middle East. That is hot.

My father in law bought me a globe a couple of years ago to try and aid in my being geographically challenged. I should have packed it.

I am never going to live this down.
A few minutes later..

ME: It is hot in here.
SCOTT: No it isn't.
ME: *glares at him*
Turn off the heater.
SCOTT: The heater is in Russia.


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