Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just a little rant

I've never been much of a tv watcher. I like movies, music, and books. TV shows are too much of a commitment for me. I usually find a show I like, get really into it, and then lose interest. When I was a tween, "Full House" was the best show on! And yet I've seen maybe 2 episodes of the last season. And that's counting all the reruns that come on 5 times a day.

"Saved by the Bell" was probably the first show I ever stuck with from beginning to end.
I started watching "Grey's Anatomy" in the second season (the Bomb episode) and then started from the beginning, loved it, but as season 5 came along I was bored. And I hate Izzie/Katherine Heigl with a passion..but I stuck with it, thanks to Hulu for letting me catch up 4 and 5 episodes at a time.

(In my whiny Katherine Heigl voice)
Boo hoo the show is called GREY'S Anatomy and I'm pitching a fit that Ellen Pompeo's name comes before mine in the credits, so I will refuse an Emmy nomination because I don't think the writers gave me a good plot line so I will shortly develop a brain tumor and start having sex with a ghost..

I discovered "NCIS" and "CSI:NY" when we got high speed and I could watch online. I haven't seen too many of the newer NCIS', but I know one night I will get bored and catch up. I love McGee too much. Hence my email addy "SpecalAgentMcGee@MYEMAILDOMAIN"
That's right. I didn't spell check before I hit submit on the SPECIAL.

Moving on..

So that brings me to my latest dilemma. I LOVE CSI:NY. Flack and Danny alone are worth watching every week. Gary Sinise is a brilliant actor, and Hill Harper is a walking ball of inspiration. AJ BUCKLEY is one of my newest all time fav actors.

I started watching "Fringe" the night it debuted, and even though I got way behind, in my laptop right now is Season 2 Disc 4 from Netflix, so I can catch up. LOVE me some Joshua Jackson.

SO! I sign into Yahoo IM tonight, innocently, and I see where those 2 shows are "on the bubble"!! Possible cancellation!! WHY!!!

Didn't I suffer enough with LOST! RIGHT as I started watching the show, got REALLY into it, the last season was announced. For 4 weeks I did nothing but watch the first 5 seasons on NETFLIX, so I could catch the last season when it premiered. And then it ended. I didn't get the full effect as the other LOSTIES because I crammed it all in so soon.

This is like when "MacGyver" started coming on USA and for 3 years I was watching reruns before I knew that brand new episodes were coming on ABC. Sadness. My life was incomplete and I was not aware.

I did the same thing with Dawson's Creek though, my fav show of all time (don't judge me), I stopped watching religiously in the 3rd season, and then bought them all on DVD at once. It rocks. Seriously. True story.

"I'm leaving because you never asked me to stay"- Pacey Witter
Ask Me To Stay! Pictures, Images and Photos

Single greatest television moment people!!

So I am just hoping the tv Allah's will work with me on this one.

I know "Big Bang Theory" is safe. Who can't live without Sheldon?

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