Friday, October 1, 2010

People watching

I'm sitting here waiting at Church's chicken, doing one of my favorite things, people watching. Some out the people out and about in public are making me shake my head. Now I am a tshirt, jeans, and flip flop kinda gal. Year round. So I'm not above being comfy. But I have to wonder WHY would you go out "to town" in a torn shirt, ripped pajama pants, and barefoot?
And then I am reminded of yesterday. I went in O'Reilley's Auto Parts in a black shirt, no bra, and blue flip flops. Hair tied in a bun, no makeup, face hadn't been washed. Did I choose to? No. I planned only on running my niece to school and coming home to clean house. I never planned on having a flat tire and needing Fix a Flat. Maybe someone thought that of me.
So I am not passing judgment. But houseshoe shorty shorts lady next to me is making me giggle.
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