Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The big move and the rest of April.

April 1-

Several things went down today:
Monday morning is the easiest morning of my job, seeing as Sunday nights aren't that busy. I walk in to a hotel completely sold out.
I begin to rock back and forth.
My horrible neighbors that have abandoned their animals are moving so I considered renting their place in lieu of mine. It's bigger, I would actually have space for my silverware. But financially, I don't know if it would be a good move.
I am feeding their freaking animals, btw.
Most importantly, it's OPENING DAY OF BRAVES BASEBALL!!!!!!

Braves won!
Stars lost :(

Time for sleep

April 2-

Work. Dinner. Sleep.

But first, here is Scott. Doing whatever he does at work

April 3-

Work, dinner, lots of sleep.

I watched "The Last Exorcism". I don't normally watch demon/possession movies, I don't want that spirit in my house, but this one wasn't scary, or even that demonic. I actually spent the majority of the movie trying to figure out where I knew the fake Reverend from. After IMDBing it, he played Professor Laskey on Saved by the Bell: The College Years, a show I believe was better than the critics thought. If they wouldn't have brought Kelly on the show. That I loathe. Worse than Jessie. And Lisa. Actually, I didn't like any of the girls on that show.
"The Middle" was hilarious as always. I watched one period of hockey and then went to bed.
Yay for DVR.

This cracked me up

April 4-
For the first time in a very long time, I was in bed all day with a horrible headache. It wasn't full on migraine, but just the slightest movement and sounds made me weep.
It eased up enough in the late afternoon, Scott and I went to Cane River Bar and Grill for dinner then went to buy groceries.
I got this from Kayla. Anyone who has frequented Natchitoches will appreciate it:

April 5-
A near perfect off day. I cleaned the house, mowed the grass, caught up on laundry.
Watched The Hobbit. Twice.
Had one of my fav-o-rite meals ever.
Braves game AND Stars game are televised.
Limitless supply of grape Kool Aid and Diet Mtn Dew.

I also saw on Pinterest about putting Downy thingamajigs in the Scentsy. Well I did better.

My house smells divine.

Rebecca brought me two books to read. Like I need more:

It was a good night. The Braves won, the Stars won, and once Scott stopped snoring like a bear, I slept swimmingly.

April 6-
I am dragging this morning. My forearms are tight from mowing the grass yesterday. Being the first mow of the year, I had to push and pull a lot harder than normally. Wonder if there are pre warm up exercises for that? Meh, I'd probably get too tired from the exercises that I wouldn't be able to mow.

Work was good.
We went to Lucky Village so I could commit a deadly sin with the sushi bar.

OMG, the Braves game!! I shamefully admit in the 7th inning, when they were down 5-1, I grabbed the Kindle and said I was going to bed. Scott left the game on, I could hear it, but wasn't paying attention. When they were 5-4, I was all up in the tv, then Justin Upton won the game with a walk off homer!!! Twitter was on fire!!!

I finished Red Mist. She has a twin sister, yo.
Made progress with Divergent.
Began The Host. I don't think I'm going to like it. I think it's because I know Stephanie Meyer wrote it, so I see Bella Swan as the narrator. Boo.

Scott had his first real taste of crawfish tonight.
He's an addict.

I really wasn't drunk, I was just dead tired, running on 4 hours of sleep. And NOT a duck face, I was showing my beautiful friend what crawfish looks like whilst blowing a kiss.

April 7-
My family is awesome

April 8-

April 9-
I feel like actual death.

Work can be creepy sometimes.

April 10-

April 11-
This off day consisted of sitting in my chair watching 9 episodes of Once Upon a Time.
Not much else.

After 4 chapters of The Host, I gave up.

One of my favorite pics of Louisiana

April 12-
Work. Grocery shopping. Dinner at El Nopal. Heartburn. Sleep.


April 13-
Rebecca and I went to Melrose Plantation today. I bought some DELISH candles....

Of course this isn't the plantation, but the African House, which is one of my favorites. I believe my daddy fell off of the roof once.

Got lost on the way home.

Once we made it home, I was down for the day. Braves game, NASCAR race, and a hockey game. Scott grilled steaks.
5 games in a row!!!

My Uncle Jr showed up at our house, and for the ten or so minutes he was there, I couldn't tell you a thing he said.

A couple of months ago I got my mother a pair of sparkly pink Tom's. I jokingly told her that Tom's ad campaign is "For every pair you buy, we give a child in need a pair", and that some little kid in a third world county that is sporting her gaudy sparkly shoes.
Then I see this on my phone:

Told you so.

April 14-
When I say I had to drag myself out of the bed at 6am this morning, I mean that literally. I drug my body across the bed and used the wall for support all the way to the laundry room then all the way to the bathroom.

Once I woke up and got everything washed, brushed, and combed, I feel much better.

Sorry to my husband for poking you in the eye looking for my phone.

A big poop on your head to my dog, who got me out of bed twice throughout the night.
Also an *eyeroll* to Scott who seems to never hear the dog barking.
This is why you wake up with pillows on your face,.

MMM, my favorite flavor.

In honor of April 14, I will watch Titanic today. Again.

I am definitely buying this mug for my mother...
Yell, Fart, Laugh

April 15
The no good very bad never ending crap day.

Not what you expect to see when you pull up at work:

April 16
Today my daddy would have turned 63.

April 17
Off day!!! I knew to appreciate this off day more than most, so mentally I had so many things planned to do. Yeah..I got up at 8:30am, watched 2 episodes of "Supernatural" and fell asleep on the love seat. It's 1pm now and I am still too tired to move, like I took a handful of Tylenol PM.
My internet is being a rahtard again, and nothing will load.
Maybe it's telling me to get up, do the laundry, and mop the floor.

So the power went out at 1:04, so now I am sitting on my mother's couch, soaking up her electricity and air conditioning.

Did anyone else notice when Obama gave the whatever+didn't+go+his+way speech HOW MUCH Joe Biden looks like Walter?

The power finally came back on in the evening. I can't remember a thing I did besides watch tv, then Rebecca came over around 11pm, we played Monopoly. Online. With each other.
Lame, I know.

April 18
Wind, rain, storms, and a 30 degree temperature change today. Go home Spring, you're drunk.

I went and looked at the place next door to see if I wanted to rent it. It has a ton of space, way more than we need, and I could fix it up nice, but my Lord, the people that lived in it before destroyed it. It smells SO bad you had to put your nose in your shirt. I found cigarette butts under the couch they left. Holes they put in the walls. I still am not for sure.

I found out the yappy annoying dog that belonged to the neighbors was killed. I almost miss the little thing...

We ventured out into the cold wind and rain to eat dinner and buy groceries. We have a pickup, therefore, nowhere to put groceries when it rains. I piled 13 bags onto my body. Un-fun.

Currently sitting in my comfy chair watching hockey. Not many games left in the season :(

April 19
Not much today. Work, takeout from Chili's, hockey.

April 20

I had the pleasure of sitting next to the most hillbilly family in Central Louisiana. You could tell when they walked in the restaurant that they didn't get out much. Then after 11, yes 11 minutes of them trying to get situated at their table, one of the daughters told Uncle Daddy that she was getting married. He was not pleased. I sucked down my chips and guacamole and said "we gotta go...". When we got outside Scott was looking for the horse and carriage they rode in on..

April 21-
On an average work day I usually have about an hour of down time. On Sunday, between 11 and 3, it's usually dead. Not the case today. I didn't sit down once. It was chaos.
I finally got home around 4:20, Scott went to the grocery store and I watched the race.
Rebecca called and assures me that we are going walking as soon as I finish eating.
So we did. I am so very tired.

It was nice to know I wasn't the slowest thing on the trip:

Callie didn't want to go in the first place:

When we got off the main road onto a dirt road, I let her off of her leash and let her run. She immediately goes into a thicket of God knows what, and came out with wet black feet. When we got home, she got her the hole she dug and dirtied herself even more. I totally want to lock her out of the house tonight.

April 22-
Not much went down. Work, a lovely dinner of fish sticks, walked with Rebecca and Bailey.
I discovered "Criminal Minds"!!!!!

I seriously need this truck.

April 23-
So we decided to move next door.

Er. Mer. Gerd.

These are just a few pics of what Rebecca I cleaned.

We have a few more days to get everything moved and I will have to scrub my old place down. After seeing what I saw today, I will not leave a grain of dirt for anyone else to have to clean.

A big thank you to my boss ladies for letting me leave at noon today and for covering the end of my shift.

And Rebecca and Bailey for sacrificing their fingers.

And my Mother, who handles every single one of my phone calls.

And Scott. For not asking me to cook dinner.

April 24-
This is exhausting. Day 3, still no electricity in the new place, so we can't get all the big stuff out of our old place. I can't see in the bathroom to clean, and there is no way I am calling it Home Sweet Home until there is bleach everywhere my flesh will touch. I did scrub about 3 inches of toothpaste off of the second bathroom's sink. They were so kind to leave cigarette butts in both toilets and the master bath sink.

April 25-
I wish I would have counted how many trips I have walked carrying stuff from one place to the other.
What we couldn't really capture was just how dirty it was. Pizza crust, spaghetti, Cheerios, pepperoni, cheese, all of this was on the floor, under the cabinets, in the bedroom!!
Just sheer neglect. And they lived like this! They have not been moved out that long.
A HUGE thank you to my Mother who spent the entire day in there with bleach. Both of my sisters have painted, packed, unpacked, and kept me from having a meltdown.
A huge thank you to Jason and Dylan who moved the heavy and not so heavy stuff.
And thank you to Scott for bearing with me through all of the meltdowns.

I could not leave this in the store. Even though it matches nothing in the entire place:

April 26-
I. Hate. Moving.
Rebecca and stayed until after 3am painting. So far we have both bathrooms, bedroom, and kitchen painted. I say we, I just kinda watched them paint. Still have the hallway to do, and some doors, the outside door, and a ton of yard work. I didn't think to take pictures of THAT! I had been awake since 5:20am, and since our bed isn't put together until the paint dries in the bedroom, I sat in the chair and tried to sleep. No go. At 6:10 Scott's alarm went off, I took him to work, picked up Bailey and Dylan, and went to unpack. I finally got to go to sleep around 10pm.
Most everything is moved out of the old place, but nothing in the new place is 100%.

When I was cleaning the old place, I found one of Callie's chew bones. I knew what was going to happen.
She buried it.

April 27-
Finally got moved out of my little brown house. It was the smallest permanent living environment I have ever been it, but it was just "me".

Started unpacking in the new place.

I had no idea how much body spray and Febreze I have.

If you ever want to test your relationship with your spouse, go curtain shopping with them. Then hang them. Together.

April 28-
I got the very last of my things out of the old place today. I will miss it.

Not so much the kitchen.

I am not sure what is more awesome. The "fern", or the fern "stand":

Happy Birthday to my Sunshine!!!

It will depress her that I can say this was taken was 22 years ago.

My friends know me so well:

April 29-
Rebecca came over (before noon) (wow, I know) to paint the hallway for me. Finally, all the painting is done, minus the doors. We pretty much sat around and watched the entire first season of Grey's Anatomy, but hey, a hallway was painted and the kitchen was unpacked.
The headache that is ruining my life needs to go.
And the highlight of my day?

That's right. A real table. It came with 6 chairs. I don't even know 6 people.

April 30-
What a very long and unusual month. #BigMove2013 is over. All that is left is making the yard pretty, washing the outside of the house, painting all of the doors, and the dreaded unpacking.

My ankle is still very swollen and tender. Walking on it is not helping.

I am unpacking the bedroom today. Tomorrow I will venture into the two spare rooms where I have everything tossed about. Ugh. There is no telling what is in there.

I plan on trying to get finished early, then veg on the couch and watch Criminal Minds until my brain explodes.

I have the living room and kitchen completely finished, and 90% of the bedroom. I am seriously too lazy to get up and take pictures. I will wait until it is all complete.

I hope your April was as entertaining as mine.

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