Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I never really know how to start off a blog. I think from now on I will just act like we were already talking about whatever nonsense I choose to blog about.

So we were in Pizza Hut for lunch. This woman and her "plus-one" come in and the server seats them next to us. She asks did they serve beer. The lady tells her no, only at dinner time.


She said "are you SERIOUS!!" She stares open mouthed at the server, at her companion, then at me, I roll my eyes at her and pick at my salad. She asked her did any place in this "po dunk town" serve beer. The server said "At 11am? Probably not". So they order bottled water, because iced tap wasn't good enough, and she went to the buffet. She stops the server again.

Excuse me, where is the deep dish pizza?
Server: We don't have deep dish on the lunch buffet.
We will have deep dish pepperoni with fresh mozzarella.
Will you be needing one or two checks?
Excuse me?
For your deep dish. Will you be needing a separate ticket or would
you like me to add it to your buffet ticket?

Server: Yes maam, if you want something not on the buffet, you have to pay for it.
* she is also looking around, person to person, with her mouth open*
This is the look she gets from me:

She then started complaining about the salad bar.
"Seriously? ONE kind of cheese?"

This buffet is like $7 by the way.

She was a total attention seeking whore.

So then we come to Scott, who missed all this excitement because he was lost in the bathroom. Why you ask? Because he couldn't see and was probably wandering around like he just ate some Lifebuoy.

How you ask? His glasses have taken more abuse than Tina Turner, but they have always been fixable. How does he break them into pieces? By taking off his sweater.
I heard him say:
oh fudge Pictures, Images and Photos
Only he didn't say "fudge"..he said THE word..the F--- word.
I said, "omg you didn't"
Then the glasses crumble out from under his shirt.

We glued them. We taped them. Nothing would hold them together.
I even tried "Occulus Reparo".
"Occulus Reparo" did not work. Had to buy new frames. on Twitpic
So onto buy a new pair of frames. Keep in mind that brand new these were over $500.
"Flex frames" my

I go in and try to find a pair that will fit his lenses. I wasn't even looking at prices, just praying that there was something already there that would work. I was prepared to eat Saltines and government peanut butter for a month and just pay the $500 for new frames. I found them pretty quickly, the salesman said he would try to fit them. It worked!!!! I wanted to cry I was so happy. Do you know how much our total bill was?




That was it!!! I actually did tear up a bit. I could not believe it!!!

He can now see again.

That about sums up our Monday.
Tuesday was a lot more mundane. I worked. I ate dinner. I blogged.
Carry on.


Anonymous said...

Regina has a photo album.. something about a $9 price tag, you should call this one..."some things do come with a $9 price tag"...lol..glad you didn't have to pay $500...God is good!!I think God gave you a early Christmas present!..Tracy

Jennifer Travis said...

Great story! As much as we laugh at people who make such public scenes, you'd think they'd catch on and stop it. But over beer? really? and thinking you can tell them what to serve on the buffet without payingo for it is quite humorious. Was she a queen from another country? And as for the glass, I cannot believe that's all you spent...glasses are So expensive. Good for you!