Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 19 & 20

It's pretty much just pictures that I LOL at. No high hopes here.

Things are much better than last week. I didn't want an entire blog of just me whining and feeling sorry for myself.

We are finally underway on getting our truck fixed. Having to depend on someone else is something I do not like to do.

Today Rebecca, Bailey, Lily and I had a town day. I was mocked all day :)

I started watching Pretty Little Liars. Like I need another show to watch.
I am going to have to binge watch Grey's Anatomy because I want to see Cristina's last episode as it airs. Then I have no reason to watch at all anymore. Word.
I caught up to the most recent episode of Castle. I can't see how I lived without watching this show.

Guess who is 7 months old!!

I couldn't sleep Thursday night, so I trolled the internet for hours:

My celeb crush of the week:
Seamus Dever

Because being my friend has such verbal perks:

Here is some Mumford and Sons for you:

I told Scott that we were doing this, and it wasn't an option:

It'll never happen....

In honor of Mother's Day, here is my mother and I somewhere in the early 80's:

Friday was interesting.
Scott had to miss work because we had to get our truck back.
We drive to Leesville, and try to find Hilton's Auto. It wasn't that hard, all was good.

We pick up our transmission and then try to find Scooter's Auto. Not so easy.
After a few miles and turnarounds, and yelling, it was found.
I was convinced they were going to drop a car on me.

Picked up the new transmission, go back to Hilton's.
Then we wait. And wait.
And wait.
I really liked the owner though, he was the bomb.com.

No filter on his mouth whatsoever.
Our rugged, beat-up baby is home!

One night I was up late trolling the Facebook. I decide to finally go to bed, then turn on the flashlight on my phone. I see on the rug by the back door what looks like glitter almost. I touch it with my foot; it disappears. Then I move my foot.
And then I died.

How did it get through 2 doors?

Stolen pics of Lily:

One pair for the eyes, one pair for the hair.
That's how I roll.

I wish everyone could have an Uncle JR:

Mmkay...this is not my normal genre of music, but ya'll know I love the Backstreet Boys. I will defend them to the death.
I think I may have only watched 2 or 3 videos by them.
This one...well....it sucks. But it is probably my favorite song by them.

Again, being my friend is awesome. Even when I type too fast and there are typos:

I didn't think anything of the email at first, I said "well maybe since I upload so many pics of Lily, they thing she's mine". Then I saw the formal apology.

So there are 2 glorious weeks of my life.
Family is good.
Got our truck back.
Taking on more responsibility at work.
I think we are getting new neighbors.
I have 90+ hours of TV to watch, so be jealous.

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