Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 2012

May 1st-

I am currently snug on my couch watching a Braves games while sipping my last cold Dt Mtn Dew. I have been concerned lately. It is no secret that I HATE to exercise, but it's the only way I will get rid of the fat. The only exercise I am going to do it walk. I love to walk. 3 weeks ago my right foot started hurting. I thought it was the flat shoes I was wearing at work. I changed shoes, it helped. Then I tried to do our 4 mile walk and I barely made it home. I have no idea what to do, it hurts all the time now. AND that is my only means on exercise. Eating healthy you say? *chortle*
I am going to Shreveport on Thursday to see my dad. And my mother. She has been right there with him every day. I know she is tired. I am doing everything I can to stay awake. For the past 4 nights I haven't slept well at all, but I can't nap, I have to pick up Scott from work. He's convinced I will forget him, and if I go to sleep that will be the case.
I could put up all the clean clothes. *chortle*

May 5th-
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

My dad has been moved to New Orleans. There is an issue with his heart. If it can be repaired, he can receive the transplant. If not, he is sent home.
I am going down there this Monday.
I am a thesaurus of emotion.

May 12, 2012

For the next 36 hours, my place of work will be occupied by either me or Scott. I was scheduled off, but had to move around some days to go to New Orleans. I will be here 3-11, Scott 11-7, myself 7-3, and Scott 3-11. He has given up both his off days, Monday and tomorrow to help me. What a great guy. He still has to fix his own sandwiches. My daddy has been doing pretty good this week at home. No problems as far as I know. He has been asleep every time I go over. Besides work, not much has been going on. Bailey and I took a plethora of pictures while down there. I am going to upload them all into an album. I haven't even looked over them yet.
OHH! I have "my shows" that I watched on a regular basis, normally 9 or 10 at a time, and I just learned last night they are cancelling 3 of them. "Alcatraz", "Terra Nova", and "The River". Bastards. God forbid they don't renew "Housewives of a random dudes ass crack" for another season.

I take back what I said an hour ago, they are currently taking my daddy back to New Orleans. Not sure of all the details, just that he's not doing super.

Here are all of the New Orleans pics: Completely random they are. Most taken from a tiny moving Camaro.
Lisa and Bailey's trip
May 14-

Today was super busy at work. All I wanted to do when I got home was crash on the couch in my comfy pants and watch tv. The grass needing to be cut, clothes everywhere in the living room, dust an inch thick, this house needed serious work. Working a million days in a row was taking its toll. Scott was working equal amount of hours, due to us being short. I put on my comfy clothes, starting being a responsible adult, and then it happened. I sat down. I was out cold before I heard the opening theme to "Gnomeo and Juliet".
About 2 hours later my sister calls me to ask if we're going on our 4 mile walk. I started to say no, that I had wasted enough time, but meh, why not. I need to move it, move it.
I change clothes, grab a Diet Mtn Dew, Callie's leash, and I am out the door. The locked door. Keys AND phone are inside. I am stranded. You want to know what my first thought was? Thank GOD I have a drink with me. I didn't really know what to do. Out of my 3 neighbors, I have really only talked to the ones that recently moved away (insert fanfare here). I've known the lady across the street my entire life, but didn't really want to show up on her porch announcing my stupidity. But I did. She let me use the phone to call Rebecca, who was terrified an unknown number was calling her, Steven answered and I said "hey I am locked out of my house, send Bailey".
Bailey and Rebecca show up, and since I lock my keys inside often, I don't want to tell all my secrets about how we got in the house, but it involved her being hurled in, Olympic style. She unlocks the door, and we are on our way.
We made it an whole 1/10 a mile before I started complaining about my ongoing foot pain. They listened for an hour :)

May 17, 2012

How Bailey and I entertain ourselves

May 22-

Nothing really of note. Work, hang out with the parentals, grocery shopping, yard work, and naps. I watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and now I can't stop. It is as good as the book. I also watched Underworld: Awakening. I am a huge fan of the series. This however, was not an Awakening. It was more of a snoozer. And there will be another sequel. Meh.

May 26th-
Bailey and I watched "The Woman in Black". Kudos to Daniel Radcliffe. The movie scared the jeebies out of me. Old school scary, nothing gory. Moving doll heads, creepy ghosts standing behind you, and kids. Kids are scary.

Scott and I watched "The Immortals". *snores*

Random conversation:
Me: How will we spend our $24,000,000 lottery winnings if our numbers win?
I would like to fix the air conditioning in the truck.
Bailey- I want new shoes.
Scott- I want an Iron Man suit.


We have a very *unique* lady working with us, and she likes to entertain people with stories and jokes. She also loves to talk. About herself :) This morning I overheard her talking with a stranger.
"So....when you die where will you be buried?"

Really? Is that how old people flirt?

May 27th

Watching "Signs" with Bailey

3:00am....still awake -_-
watching "Gnomeo and Juliet"
It's not really crooked, that is how I am laying.

5:20am- alarm goes on one of many times

6:17- "Good morning" text from Scott wakes me up

6:21- Irons clothes

6:33- out the door, 2 trips back in for stuff I forgot

6:38- drop Bailey off at home
I painted out the address to keep the paparazzi away...

You can tell I just rolled off of the couch, I still have "sleep lines"

6:47: arrive to work, cheerful as ever.

7:46: Coworker tells me how good the laxative was from the night before

8:39am: Bangs head on wall

12:00- leftover breakfast

3pm- peace out, workplace!

3:40- Dinner consists of a Chicken Club and a very large Diet Dr Pepper

4-6pm A glorious nap

6:40pm- Went to see THE AVENGERS!!!!

9pm- driving home, talking about Thor

9:36pm- Shower, then bed

May 31, 2012

It has been a very long month. Lots of strange happenings. Today has been the most productive day I have had in a while. We received a (FREE) washer and dryer. You think it would be as easy as loading it into the truck, unloading, hooking it up, and they both work.

This is a peek of what some of the house looks like with my spare room taken apart.

Have to drive into town to get hoses, cords, and some shiny foil looking stuff. And I'm dying of thirst so we stop by Sonic. This Sonic in Natchitoches is always superb. Scott always has a complicated order and we order a LOT of stuff and they always get it right, the first time. Today they made me cry. I don't know if it was my arm throbbing, which I am convinced is going to fall off. I was REALLY hungry and even more thirsty. I ordered a #7 with tots, large Dt Dr Pepper. Scott ordered some kinda burrito thing with no added tots and a Route 44 Unsweet Tea. What we got was a large Dr Pepper, medium tea, and chili cheese tots. I HATE chili cheese tots. But I didn't really care because I had my coney and drink. However, on the way home, Scott made a sharp turn, and my drink fell out of the cupholder, onto the floorboard. I pouted all the way home. Callie enjoyed the tots and abandoned her dog food.
When the washer was hooked up, the cold water just trickled out. The dryer wouldn't turn, and smelled like fire.
An hour later, and some foot stomping later, I THINK we have a functioning washer/dryer. I haven't put a load in to see, I still have a long way to go before then.
I'm thinking I will have the rest of the day to put the house back together and enjoy at least an hour of doing nothing on my MUCH APPRECIATED off day, but no. I remember it's payday. I go back into town, drop Scott off, get the checks, thinking I can just run it over there, and get home. Oh no. I am out of deposit slips. Had to go in like the common folk. So finally! On my way home. Oh look, the truck it on empty. It never ends!!
I FINALLY get home.
Oh wait. Tonight is Bailey's award banquet.

I will sleep one day....

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