Friday, May 13, 2011

The one where I curse

I sincerely try to not bitch when I blog. I get asked all the time, "why are you in a mood?", to which I reply, "you make me that way".
Whether it be a person I encountered at work, an asshole in the grocery store, or merely reading all the bullshit on my Facebook timeline, the ignorance of people is wearing my fake happy smile thin.
Every day when I do encounter these doucherags, I think "well other people don't 'really' care about my bad day, so I am just going to suck it up Sunshine and smile anyway". Some days aren't that day. Some days I will leave my home and drive 20 minutes to confront you. Most days, I let it ride. Some days I will ignore your stupid childish antics on social networking sites, some days I block your ass.
I get tired of apologizing for speaking my mind. I know I am not always right. I don't assume I know everything. I do admit when I am wrong. But ONLY if I am wrong.
I try to steer clear of religion and politics. I am very passionate about religion even though I choose not to make it a part of my life. I know God and God knows me. That is good enough. I could care less about politics. I feel slightly bad about it, I feel I should be more "aware" or "in the know". But I would rather talk cartoons or baseball. Or better yet, let us talk about books and movies.
I was bitching the other day about how ridiculous Facebook has become, and was told, "you want to fix it? Delete it". A wave of panic set in. Really? There is no way, how could I keep up with what my friends are doing? And then I realize I have over 400 "friends" on Facebook, and I have all but 65 hidden from my feed. So why am I friends with them in the first place? I like them, obviously, but when it comes to what you eat for dinner, when you kid poops, you're sad no one comes to visit you, you constantly air your dirty family laundry for the world to see, you document every detail of your day, (waiting for hubby to get home; kids ready for Daddy; hubby left work; hubby almost home; hubby here!; hubby loved my dinner; I love my hubby). Bitch he works all the time to get away from you. Just saying...
Let us not forget the people who have no less than 30 pictures of themselves in the drivers seat, pouting at their phone. And I am so glad to know what 90% of all my friends bathroom looks like.
I had a good friend tell me "you sure do like taking pictures of yourself, don't you?". That made me think, "oh shit am I one of them?". Now all pics are banned unless I am doing something really cool or having a good hair day, which as we know, is unlikely.
So now I will no longer be the Facebook bitcher, or stalker. I will no longer keep people around out of obligation. I find it a tad hypocritical. I'd rather have people say "oh my God that bitch deleted me!", instead of you asking me if I saw some random thing you posted, and not have a clue since you've been hidden from day 2.
And on that note, if you cannot spell common everyday 2nd grade words, social networking is not for you sweetie.
Definitely <--- learn that word

/end rant
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