Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 17 and some change

April 29, 2012

My dad has good days, and then like today, he had bad days. Since he is 70 miles away, I can't see him as much as I'd like to.

My sister turned 23 yesterday. Another bomb that reminds me of how old I am getting. Seems like it was just yesterday that I held her for the first time and she puked on me.

I haven't been able to walk as much as I was doing. I am afraid to even get on a scale. HOWEVER!! Operation Healthier Me is still in effect.

I haven't written a "real" blog in several weeks now. Nothing is inspiring me. I have fake-writer's block!

My last 2 off days Rebecca and I went to Leesville and bought plants, mulch, and potting soil. I also bought some pliers because that is how you open the tailgate. I wish I was lying. I NOW know that a lever or something was broken, and me entertaining Lowe's parking lot by trying to get this contraption to work was in vain. Rebecca and I tried to hurl the bags over the side of the truck, but I would start laughing halfway through, and we would just drop them.

Afterwards, we (and by that I mean *I*) rewarded ourselves with Chinese food.

Heaven on a plate.
It totally contradicts the "Healthier Me" Campaign.

Rebecca found this amusing:
Good thing, or I would have gotten lost in that straight 1/4 mile.

The next day we see this:

But the gem was when Bailey and I were headed to Shreveport. That does indeed say "Honkey Kong"

If you ever feel creative, I got freaky with an old brown ice bucket:

I complained in my last blog about all the lines running together. Yeah. I clicked a button and that went away. Lame.

April 30, 2012-

Since I forget to blog some days, and others is nothing but "work, sleep" or "Went to hospital, my dad is doing the same", I think it would just be easier to do it month by month.
No worries, my 2 readers, if anything interesting were to happen, I will blog immediately. Calm down.

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