Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Seinfeld blog

Because it is in fact, a blog about nothing. Not much has been going on lately, blog-worthy, but life never provides a dull moment for me. Except of course for now, while I am perched on my mother's couch, doing laundry, guzzling Dt Mtn Dew, and watching "Avatar". I have no shame.

I've been trying since January to get my website to allow me to upload pics directly from my Blackberry, but it wants to be all 1995 and have me upload them from the laptop. For the 3 people who view my site, I apologize for the lack of boring random pictures.

I decided Sunday to clean out the spare bedroom. I didn't realize how bad it was because we never really go in there. Why you ask?

Pitiful, I know.


What happened in the process...

Why, you ask?

Not. Cool.

I am going to replace this chicks face with mine, frame it, and then make it my Facebook default.

In case you didn't know, this is Jesse Williams. The most beautiful man on the planet.

So let's see...what else.
I watched the first season of True Blood. It was pretty good. Team Sam.
I finished all the episodes of Supernatural, just waiting for the new season to begin. Team Sam.
This weekend will be the end of the Harry Potter series. I am not a huge fan of the movies, compared to the books, but it will still be a little sad to see it end.

There was a brief moment several weeks ago I thought my entire world was going to crash all around me. Luckily, for me, there are understanding and forgiving people in this world. I am blessed to have loving people in my life.
Lesson learned, moving on....

I had a Facebook deleting/hiding marathon. I see about 17 people's feeds now. It was very therapeutic.

I had a thought the other night, somewhere between sleep and consciousness. Winnie the Pooh....what is "the Pooh" exactly?

I am not a fan of the drought going on. Towns are having to ration water, and yet I see people watering their fake grass daily. #whitepeopleproblems

I wish I could play the piano better.

I have been slacking on my exercising lately. This won't do. I am down a jeans size, and I intend to keep going in that direction. (as I sit here eating Garden Tomato and Basil LAYS chips)

I wonder if Gabriel Macht knows that I stalk all of his movies?

I spent an entire day putting all my DVD's back in the correct cases, and organizing them on shelves. I found movies that I have in my queue on Netflix. Movies I didn't know I owned.

Scott is enjoying his new job. He likes telling people what to do. Not really my calling in life. As long as I can boss HIM around, it's all good. I asked what were his likes/dislikes of living in Louisiana, and his only 2 complaints were the road we live on is too bumpy, and not enough restaurant choices. I knew at least one of them would be related to food. I for one am SO glad to be out of Alabama. I miss my Lowe's peeps, but it feels SO good to be free of everything else. Scott seems more at ease and relaxed now also.
He said a lady came in Fred's the other day wanting to return paint because "it was bad" and "so runny!!". He looked at it and said "okay maam, we will return it for you, but just so you know, this isn't paint. This is stain."

You want to know what's retarded? People who book a smoking king online, and then when they get to the hotel, that is 100% booked, say "no we reserved a nonsmoking double, and we demand that room, or we're not paying!!!". Yeah. Welcome to my world.
Label these douchebags as "why Mommy drinks".

I've decided I never want to be mauled by a Grizzly.

If I have to read anything else about "Porch Lights on for Caylee", I will personally drive to your house and smash out your porch light. Look..I am SO sorry that a child was murdered, and yes, like the entire nation I have NO doubt the mother was responsible. But really? Turning on your porch light for a child was was murdered 3 years ago? Don't be a sheep.
It's like when I read people say "you'll be in my prayers", or "we're praying for you". What a nice catchphrase that has become.

I have started wearing my hair curly again. At first I loved the convenience. Now I am just lazy. Wash, towel dry, apply product, go to work, put in ponytail.

I suppose that is all for now. I have ran out of futile things to ramble about.

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